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       Hello, and thanks for visiting!


    Kathy Brickman and Jennifer Sauer are the smart, creative, innovative, hysterical, empathetic, generous, inspired, spirited, motivated, funny, entrepreneurial, opinionated, justice-fighting, beautiful women (inside and out) co-founders/co-owners of Ms. Behave Art LLC.   


    In fact, (and this has been proven many times over), they are the embodiment of everything that is the exact opposite (we're talking 180°) of the orange man who used to live in the White House. Seriously.


     They met as new neighbors in a quiet suburb of New York City seventeen (or so) years ago.  Their kids are a lot bigger now, and they left one of the husbands behind along the way, but they still live in the same adorable houses just across Cherry Lane. The suburb got noticeably louder after the Election of 2016 when they decided to join forces and raise their voices in the interest of the betterment of our country.

     The original art you see here comes from Kathy's imagination. She is inspired by the world around her --- this beautiful and unique artwork reflects the joy and the pain of life in these United States as Kathy sees it. Her process includes creating lots of art on her bed, just like her favorite artist, Frida Kahlo.  She would love to tell you all about it — just ask her!

     Jennifer's mission is to find creative ways to deliver the messages of love, equality, inclusion, and respect that permeate throughout Kathy's portfolio. The original art you see for sale here is just the beginning.  Check the MsBehaveArtShop often on Etsy to see how Kathy and Jennifer are turning art into merch so you can help to share Kathy's work and the Ms. Behave Art philosophy of peace, love, and understanding with the world.  Help them further this mission by subscribing to the email list below. 

     A portion of all profit will be donated to Progressive causes. Ms. Behave Art intends to help heal this world one awesome piece of art at a time!

this is kathy fighting against fascism
this is jennifer uprooting hatred
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