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Ms. Behave Art Harvests New Connections At The Ramsey Farmers' Market

Kathy and I had an amazing day at our big, public debut at the Ramsey Farmers' Market on Sunday, May 2. It's not just the pride we share for Ramsey, NJ — the town in which we each chose to raise our respective families — it is the love for the people we met here who have become like family to us over the past two decades (and some since the aftermath of the 2016 election!)

We were thrilled to see so many of our friends who came out to support us and even more so to see new faces who appreciated and purchased Kathy's art. It was great to be among people again! The clouds are beginning to clear...I look forward to life, not as we once knew it, but rather with a redefined sense of purpose and priority.

By the way, the song, which accompanies the slideshow of pics, is from a songwriting workshop conducted in 2008 as a part of Ramsey's Centennial Celebration marking 100 years since its incorporation in 1908. The singer/guitarist is Dave Nachmanoff. I'm not sure if he wrote the song or if it was written by several people in the workshop with his help. Either way, it's a very catchy tune!

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